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The Physical Internet towards a new logistics organization

Professor Eric Ballot, Supply Chain and Logistics, Centre de Gestion Scientifique, Mines ParisTech, Paris, France


The supply chains as we know nowadays are the latest development of a very long history of moving crops form fields to cities and now goods all over the world. Because of its incredible success logistics now face a huge sustainability challenge. This presentation will share the concepts of a new organisation for logistics: the Physical Internet. This organisation is based on the will of interconnection of all logistics services all over the world. Logistics networks will become open and shared from plants to consumers. Key components such as smart modular containers will be presented as well as stakes and barriers. The research avenues will link this approach with the Internet of things, inventory models and business model and will show how a new freight "social network" could emerge gradually.


Eric Ballot is full professor of supply chain management and industrial engineering at Mines ParisTech. He is the head professor of the industrial management and supply chain program. He was a visiting scholar at the MIT Sloan School of management in 2007. He serves a board member of several institution Déméter, PREDIT research program, MHI, he is president of scientific board of European TK'Blue Agency and is an accredited expert by Appeal Court of Paris since 2002.

Eric Ballot has been leading many research projects both with the industry Airbus, Renault, Danone... and with international academic partners such as EPFL, Université Laval, Hong-Kong University... He is also the author of many research papers and books. His research has been awarded and recognized at several occasions in conferences and research prizes (IESM, ILS, PREDIT). He is also one of the founders of the Physical Internet Initiative with several projects funded and many keynote speeches all over the world.

The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Logistics Operations Management - 2016