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Risk monitoring on fuzzy time-dependent transportation Networks based on Distributed and Scalable Framework for Spatio-Temporal Data Warehousing

Professor Azedine Boulmakoul, Department of Computer Science, FST Mohammedia , Morocco


The hazardous materials transportation demand is currently experiencing a significant increase in national and international market. Thus, the transportation of hazardous materials (HazMat) and its potential consequences raise public interest typically when there is a release of hazardous materials due to an accident. This presentation will introduce HazMat Trajectory Warehouse (HT-Warehousing) which is useful for near real time decision-making, using MongoDB as NoSQL database for scalable, fault-tolerant and distributed space-time paths big data storage and processing system. The software components are integrated into an interoperable software infrastructure respecting intelligent transport systems architecture. This infrastructure is distributed and based on a service-oriented architecture. It is also scalable by integration of MongoDB with Hadoop for large-scale distributed data processing. This conference will also focus on suggesting a bidirectional Point-to-Point path search algorithm, using A-star method for finding itineraries that has the fastest travel-time on a time-dependent fuzzy transportation network, taking into consideration economic and safety factors. A speed-up search is integrated, which consists in network partitioning using network Voronoi diagrams to ensure the reliability of the suggested heuristic cost function.


Azedine Boulmakoul received at Claude Bernard University Lyon - France, the PhD. in Computer Engineering and Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches diploma in 1990 and 1994 respectively. In 1987, he was a lecturer assistant at the ENTPE School (Ecole Nationale des Travaux Public de l'Etat Lyon France). For the period 1987-1988, he was appointed Assistant Professor at INSA de Lyon. Between 1990 and 1994, he was researcher and project manager at the Intelligent Transportation Systems Program of INRETS (Carrefour Intelligent, Contrôle Symbolic par Négociation, INRETS Paris, France). He was also intensively involved in R&D programs for European transportation projects DRIVE (I + II). He is currently a full professor of Computer Science at Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of Mohammedia. He is founder and chairman of the Innovative Open Spatial Information Systems Association (IOSIS-Morocco). He has published more than 200 scientific papers (international journals, books, book chapters, articles in conference proceedings).

His main expertise concerns topics of innovative intelligent transportation systems, spatial information systems, Geoinformatics, Spatial decision systems, SN and Distributed computing, Real Time intelligent systems, spatial fuzzy voronoi networks, fuzzy structures and Combinatorics of Simplicial Complexes with application in large scale systems. He has received many awards for his contributions to research and business development, including French Academy of Sciences, R&D Maroc Awards and Distinction Medal from Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education and Research. He also contributes to intellectual property of industrial patents.

The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Logistics Operations Management - 2016